Is that a phone fixing your face?

January 12, 2017
The S Skin is one of several experimental products to come from Samsung's C Lab department. It's an effort by the company to tap into new potential businesses, offering employees the chance to see their ideas to market. Samsung's already had a few minor successes with its experimental C Lab products. Which were shown during CES 2016. One of their latest gadgets is S Skin.

Patches to improve

This handheld product assesses your skin through a combination of cameras, light sensors and conductivity sensors. The light sensors analyse the skin. At the same time, two metal contacts help to gauge the conductivity of your skin to help estimate moisture levels. Once it sees what the problem with our skin is at that moment, it offers a light-based care program.

When it launches, the S Skin will come with micro-needle patches that can deliver appropriate nutrient packs to the skin. The color-changing patches will help confirm you've applied them correctly. These will contain similar ingredients to what you'd find in skincare products, like for instance collagen. It would take more than one treatment to make a noticeable difference to your skin. The product is currently at the concept-validation stage.