Nanobots to the rescue!

27 July 2016
Both of them have teamed up to create prototypes that can enter the human body. It has not been tested on humans yet, but both scientists hope that they can soon. This new published study tells u show scientists want to transform de current medical World with the aid of nanobots.

De scientific community hopes that these robots can soon act out medical procedures that are too microscopic for doctors. The nanobots have been designed to models from nature, the African trypanosomes. This bacteria is responsible for the African Sleeping disease. They chose this bacteria as their example for its unique ability to control their flagellum, the tail-like part of their bodies that helps them control their movement around the human body.

Different diseases

As soon as this bacteria reaches its destination in the human body, it wraps its tail around him for protection. These qualities can be real helpful with the nanobots. The bots will also get the ability to change shape in different heat. This could make them very adaptable when it comes to treating different diseases. Doctors believe they can control the robots using an electromagnetic field.

Not even 30 years ago scientists were not able to see nano particles. There simply were no microscopes available. Research about nano technology has rapidly advanced and will exponentially grow in the nearby future. With this rate our little friends will very soon be able to help us cure the most horrific diseases we know, according to the scientists.