New Indian health app takes on Apple's HomeKit and Google's Health services

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Jio has been offering multiple apps to its subscribers, hoping to create a rivalry with Netflix, Apple and other services. Their newest addition is health app Jio Health Hub. The app is still classified as unreleased, but should soon be available for Jio users.

All health documents in one place

The app makes it possible for users to have all their health related documents in one place. The documents can be shared with care providers and family members, who can then view the data. The data is secured and can’t be sent to a third party or changed without the users consent. All uploaded data is categorised in visually differentiated folders. The central repository ‘My Health Folder’ contains all the files of the user.

Cloud-based storage

The data is stored in the cloud and is accessible from every device, at any time. Jio has partnered with several hospitals and labs, so whenever a user gets a test done, it immediately gets pushed to the app. This makes data instantly available. In addition to this it is also possible for users to upload health data themselves. They can, for example, take a picture of their X-Rays and save that image in the app.

Your own medical profile

Another feature of the app is the possibility to create your own medical profile. This profile is customizable. The user can choose to just enclose basic information, or to add extensive family history records, allergies and personal history.

The app is available on Google Play, but requires a Jio ID to log in. This limits its use to Reliance Jio subscribers.