Norway uses Dutch ParkinsonNet

Monday, November 7, 2016
After the implementation of ParkinsonNet at Kaiser Permanente, one of America’s leading care providers in California, now the Norwegian government will introduce this initiative from the Dutch Radboudumc. Several studies have shown, according to the Norwegians, that the ParkinsonNet model of care leads to improved care quality, with a decrease of complications in the disease and significantly lower healthcare costs .

The Norwegian government says they believe in the power of the model and therefore signed a contract with the Radboudumc to implement ParkinsonNet in Norway. The network will start in two regions, Oslo and Stavanger. After that ParkinsonNet will be deployed in the rest of Norway.

Good and affordable care

Minister of Health Bent Høie explains the decision: “People with a chronic illness need good health care on the long run. We are convinced that knowledge and expertise contributes to that. Organising care in networks like ParkinsonNet will help us provide good and affordable care which meets the patients needs and desires.”

The Norwegian patient association is also very positive about the coming of ParkinsonNet, according to Magne Wang Frederiksen, secretary-general of the patient association. They wanted to implement the Dutch concept in Norway for a long time already.

ParkinsonNet involves all stakeholders

ParkinsonNet is an initiative from the Radboudumc. The care concept consists of three elements:
•    Patients and their relatives get maximum knowledge and control over their own care proces;  
•    All involved care providers are Parkinson-specifically educated and guided;
•    Care teams are supported to work together efficiently with and around the patient.

ParkinsonNet is organised in regional, national and now also international networks. In all Dutch boroughs a ParkinsonNet network is active. The Radboudumc states to be very satisfied about the international use of the care concept. According to Bas Bloem the introduction of ParkinsonNet in California went successfully. Now a team of Dutch ParkinsonNet experts will educate care professionals in Norway, to make sure that the Norwegian team can organise the ParkinsonNet network to its best.

The initiative of the Radboudumc & the Movement Disorders Workgroup of the Dutch Society for Neuroscience started in The Netherlands as a national network of care providers, specialised in the treating and coaching of patients with Parkinson’s. Almost 3.000 specialised care givers (neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and nursing staff) are associated.

The network is divided in regions centred around one or more neurology companies of the regional hospitals. Earlier this year ParkinsonNet teamed up with Googles life sciences daughter Verily and the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, to investigate the differences in the causes of Parkinson's the next two years.