One Drop diabetes service gets FDA clearance

December 7, 2016
The system consists of the Chrome Meter lancing device, test strips and a companion app, and is available with a monthly subscription service called One Drop Premium. People in the United States, UK and European Union can start ordering the $39.95 subscription service immediately.

One Drop Chrome transmits blood glucose data directly to the cloud via the One Drop app, which is available on both iOS and Android. Subscribers get unlimited test strips delivered to their door on-demand without the need for insurance or appointments.

More than blood testing

But the service entails more than just blood testing. With the companion app, users with type 1, type 2 or pre-diabetes can log a variety of information: glucose, diet, activity and insulin. Users can share that information anonymously with a community of users, and receive actionable insights based on their data.

Next to this a 24/7 certified diabetes  educator coach is available through an in-app chat. The coaches have access to al user data in real time, in order to help them give users relevant behavioral guidance. All in all, One Drop is to be a hassle-free and affordable service for anyone with diabetes to manage their condition. It’s designed by people with diabetes and for people with diabetes, says One Drop CEO and Founder Jeff Dachis said in a statement.

“We’re transforming the diabetes management experience by designing empowering, beautiful products love to use, while also delivering outstanding evidence-based results.”

Lower average glucose readings

Preliminary studies of One Drop’s app and coaching services showed that users consistently track their food and blood glucose over time, which resulted in an increased average number of in-range blood glucose readings, and a reduction in their average percentage of high blood glucose readings.

The One Drop Chrome system and subscription service comes about a year after the direct-to-consumer app debuted on iOS. The app was then made available to Android in October while the company was awaiting FDA clearance. The One Drop App has been used by people in 190 countries, comprising over 85 million points of data. The Chrome system will be sold exclusively on the One Drop website and via Apple, Mobilhealthnews writes.