Pixels save human lives, what 4K adds to healthcare

December 30, 2016
The health providers need to digitalize to up their productivity. A poignant example: every year approximately 7.000 people die because of the illegible handwriting of their physician. Patient records, diagnostics, scans and requirements can all be shared, updated and consulted digitally. Thus, every detail is preserved and lives are saved.


In the digital world software geniuses build the most beautiful and useful applications and tools. But the hardware area also needs pioneering. Take the monitor for instance. The display is the hatch between doctor and your digital health information and plays a crucial role. Large displays are used by an increasing number of hospitals to project dynamic messages.

But not only the so-called Large Format Displays are useful for bored patients or lost visitors. A 4K-screen may also be of vital importance for patients. Most screens are unsuitable for strictly diagnostic applications, but 4K monitors can help to easily share images and to study them in detail, which helps the cooperation run smoother.


It is not only the rapid flow of information a 4K screen takes care of, it also increases the productivity of the nursing staff. 4K monitors can show up to 4 Full HD images from different sources at the same time. Because of that extra information doctors and nurses can effectively perform their duties. In one fell swoop 4K monitors increase the productivity of the entire hospital, and doing so, save lives!