Revolutionizing Patient Care at Moffitt Cancer Center with Smart Rooms

9 October 2023
Moffitt McKinley Hospital, part of the prestigious Moffitt Cancer Center, has chosen pCare® as their trusted partner to integrate and uphold their interactive patient care system (IPS). This groundbreaking initiative is designed to elevate patient-centric care to new heights, promoting collaboration between patients, families, and healthcare professionals. Dave Bennett, the CEO of pCare®, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating, "Moffitt McKinley Hospital’s extensive use of our interactive patient care solutions will enhance the overall experience through compassionate care and patient, family, and clinician collaboration. We are proud to partner with Moffitt Cancer Center to boost patient experience and staff satisfaction by leveraging the healing potential of education, communication, and empowerment."

A Bright Future of Care

At the heart of this transformative endeavor is pCare's purposeful and considerate technology, which strives to keep patients actively engaged throughout their medical journey. Every 350-square-foot room within the new 10-story Moffitt Cancer Center McKinley Hospital building is equipped with pCare's IPS, featuring the Digital Whiteboard. This dynamic tool displays crucial patient and provider information, offers TV entertainment, and supports BYOD (bring your own device) and casting capabilities, enabling patients to seamlessly connect their personal devices with the pCare system. Furthermore, patient engagement is elevated through Room Connect, an innovative digital door display that provides essential patient information right at the room's entrance. Patients also have the option of a bedside tablet to effortlessly navigate the system, enhancing their overall inpatient experience.

Transforming Care Delivery

Christine Alvero, Vice President of Hospital Operations at Moffitt McKinley Hospital, underscored the significance of this technological leap, saying, "Using pCare’s technology, we’re delivering unparalleled patient-centered care that encompasses the needs of patients and caregivers. The technology provides seamless integration with our existing systems and improves the overall inpatient experience for both patients and team members." This partnership comes as Moffitt McKinley Hospital admitted its first patient on July 31, 2023. The move is a strategic response to anticipated community growth, with patient volumes expected to surge by up to 65% over the next decade.

Elevating Patient Experiences

As a leading provider of interactive patient care systems, pCare® is poised to make a profound impact on enhancing patient experiences and supporting the dedicated caregivers and staff at Moffitt Cancer Center McKinley Hospital. With this pioneering partnership, they are not just advancing technology; they are transforming the way care is delivered, making it more patient-centric and empowering for all involved.