Successful launch ICT&health International magazine

19 April 2017
But let the figures speak for themselves. On April 6th Lucien Engelen, chair of the Editorial Board of ICT&health, published a post on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) about the cover story with Simon Sinek. This post has already been viewed by 31712 thousand people and climbing. About 160 of them responded to the post, while 2384 liked the message.

Interest from sales, nurses and physicians

Strikingly, many nurses viewed the article, as many as 1117. The article was mostly read by sales (1381). Also, physicians (866), followed by CEOs (809) read and likes this article. This means that the topic of digital health is found interesting by a broad international group of multiple positions within the healthcare.


Although we see readers from all over the world, we sparked the most interest in the US. The largest group of readers originated from New York, followed by Chicago, Amsterdam and Boston. Especially employees of Roche found the issue interesting. In this company the article was viewed at least 140 times. But Philips, Novartis and Abbot also showed a lot of interest, visiting with 92, 85 and 84 viewers, respectively.

These figures indicate that there is a lot of interest in an international magazine on digital health, innovations and relevant knowledge.

The next International edition of ICT&health is coming up and scheduled for May 10! Each Issue gives insights in the most relevant developments within healthcare. The cover story is an interview with Mister Hussain Al Mahmoudi, Chief Executive officer, American University of Sharjah Enterprises who is sharing his insights.

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About ICT&health

New Technology and innovations are changing and reshaping the healthcare fast. Digital health, Data, Algorithms, PHR, Robotics, E-consult, IoT, 3D printing and Virtual / Augmented Reality (VR/AR) are used by more and more health professionals. And transforming the way care is given and received. From cure to care.

ICT&health is being compiled in collaboration with international specialists who are members of our editorial board – medical specialists, physicians, scientists, patients, government officials and innovation leaders. ICT&health is the leading magazine in this field that combines views and experience from both medical experts and patients.