The analogue hearts needs to be part of the digital revolution in healthcare

19 July 2017
Digital Health
Doctor and rapper Zubin Damania, aka ZDoggMD, reaches more than half a million people on Facebook with his vlogs, videos and music. In his performances,  hecalls for a plea for healthcare 3.0, a care model in which the patient is actively involved and in which technology is supportive of the contact between hospital, healthcare professionalsm, physicians and patients. In our exclusive interview, he says he's proud of his motives to ask for health 3.0 in this innovative way. According to him, health 3.0 is not just technology. On the contrary: "If we only give attention to technology, we will miss it," said Damania.


Damania seeks for a healthcare that includes both the employee and the patient. He speaks from experience. ZDogg Damania MD has been a doctor at Stanford University for many years. He was so involved in his profession that he forgot his own health, until he got into a heavy burnout. But, this experience also led him to perform on stage, en forfill the second dream of his life: to become a musician. And nowadays, social media cans know thousands of followers.


Zubin Damania also opens up about his experiences as founder TurnTable Health. The first example of this innovative healthcare institution in Las Vegas is already closed. 'It is very hard when you build a clinic in what is effectively a demilitarized zone. Another problem was to find partnership with people willing to pay. Read the whole exclusive interview with ZDoggMD, aka Zubin Damani here!