The doctor makes house calls again!

19 July 2016
Doctors can monitor your health via mobile phones and apps, they can check your sugar level or your blood pressure and even intervene when necessary. You can place sensors in your house that will see if you fall and call an ambulance. These are just a few “upgrade” possibilities.

Allianz Worldwide Partners introduces “Dr. Allianz, an app that will give the customer 24/7 access to medical assistance. You can call for advice, which will be given over the phone and if necessary a doctor will be send to your house.  You’ll speak to an actual person on the phone and a real doctor will visit if the situation requires it. During testing it proofed very costs saving. 66% of the cases could be handled over the phone, without the need of a specialist.

Dr. Allianz is already open for 700,000 customers in Turkey.