Vodafone launches smart bikini to warn against UV radiation

August 11, 2016
According to research among consumers in countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece, 48 percent of all respondents say they don’t protect themselves sufficiently against the dangers of UV radiation, such as skin cancer. They tend to forget to use sunscreen completely or don’t us it often enough. Vodafone also asked if people would be more likely to cover up if they had received an automated alert to their phone about UV levels, and three-quarters (76%) said that they would.

In order to assist in this matter, Vodafone has developed and introduced a ‘Smart Summer’ bikini and swim trunk. Both pieces of swim cloting have been fitted with UV sensors that measure exposure to UV radiation. By means of a smartphone app a user gets a notification when he or she has been exposed to UV light to long. Also both bikini and swim trunk start to vibrate lightly when it is time to refresh the sunscreen.

The Smart Summer concept child’s sun hat contains a UV sensor plus a low-powered Vodafone SIM and tracking device which sends a warning message to the parent’s smartphone if the child wanders beyond a pre-determined distance.

Separate research from Vodafone recently indicated that we’re going to be seeing a lot more IoT in our lives with more than half of consumer technology companies surveyed saying they intend to bring new IoT products and services to market within the next two years.

Vodafone Group IoT Director Erik Brenneis