Welby teams up with J&J's Janssen to develop a mobile app for ADHD

March 7, 2017

Reduce mistakes

The task management app, created by Welby, features schudel management tools, goalsetting and medication reminders and it is ment to reduce medicational mistakes. Welby’s created apps and platforms are used by 10 pharmaceutical clients and help doctors, health systems or pharmaceutical companies to manage conditions ranging from cancer to schizophrenia, as is read here.

“We’re currently the only one in Japan with the go-ahead system like this. We provide the connectivity, the cloud-based platform and the access for doctors to monitor the use of devices for daily life or in clinics,” Hideki Inoue, Welby’s Executive Officer for the Medical Solution Unit explained. "They approached us first, like most of our pharmaceutical partners. We provide the portal and the app, and they provide it to patients.”


Janssen uses this app in its Healthy Mind program, an initiative to reduce stigma around mental health in the Asia Pacific region. They previously developed apps with Welby for patients with prostate cancer and chronic pain, and are now expanding into more areas.

Welby and the app are currently limited to be used in Japan only. “The situation in Japan is different than the US, especially for the mobile area,” Inoue said. “We are looking in every area we can that needs the most innovation to bring our solutions and improve care. Once we prove these solutions in Japan, on some of our biggest health concerns like aging, then we will see how they can be used in other countries.”