What’s the Future for Health Apps?

January 12, 2018
With most of us now owning mobile devices, there’s a whole world of health apps available to us. It’s a growing market, and so health app development is big business. This is no passing novelty. Health apps are here to stay, and in the future, they will become ever more useful, perhaps even saving many lives. So where do we think healths apps will be leading us in the future?

Ease of collaboration with medical professionals

We predict that it won’t be long before we all have an app on our phone that links us directly with our doctor. We’ll be able to book appointments and order prescriptions. Test results and referrals will be sent directly to your app, so you won’t have to call up the surgery, or wait in for them to call you. There are already apps out there that help you make your own diagnosis. Simply input your symptoms and you’ll be presented with a list of possible causes for your ailment. This can help you to make the decision as to whether or not you really do need to visit your doctor.  Consultations via a health app could also save you money as it’s likely to be much cheaper than seeing the doctor in person.

Ongoing testing environment

Monitoring an ongoing condition can be tricky. You may have to borrow equipment from the medical service, or you might have to make repeated visits to be tested. With health wearables and health apps, monitoring health, such as the condition of your heart, will become ever easier, more accurate, and more thorough.

A self-funding revolution

With self-diagnosis cutting down on visitors to surgery, and testing apps reducing the need to visit the doctor, this will save money which can be fed into the development of more time and money saving health apps.

A potentially life saving aide memoire

Have you ever visited the doctor, heard all his advice and instructions, then left the surgery and totally forgotten what was said to you? You’re not alone. Visiting a medical professional can be a stressful event, especially if you are distracted by pain. If all the advice you are given was to be sent to an app on your phone for you to view at your leisure, this would make life a lot simpler. Was it two of these pills and one of the other? Or was it the other way around? Making a simple mistake like this could literally put your life in danger. But with a health app for your medical notes, you could simply look it up to be sure you’re using your medication correctly and safely.

We’re getting there

While we’re not quite at the stage yet where you can consult with your doctor via an app, health app development is growing massively, and so it won’t be long before these, and many other health app features are available to us. We predict it’s going to revolutionize the health industry. Just wait and see!