WHO: Public Consultation On The Draft Global Strategy On Digital Health

4 April 2019
The use of digital technologies to improve public health as well as individual health and well-being is growing rapidly. This field, also referred to as digital health, has been recognized as instrumental in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieving universal health coverage (UHC). WHO Member States reiterated the importance and role of digital health in the recent resolution WHA71.7 which highlights “recent progress in the development and implementation of digital health strategies, policies, legislation and programmes by Member States, WHO and partner organizations". At the same time, the Resolution requests development of a Global Strategy on Digital Health in close consultation with Member States and with inputs from relevant stakeholders.
Digital technologies can advance the Sustainable Development Goals and support health systems.
The Strategy aims to identify areas where WHO, its partners and stakeholders should most usefully focus their efforts. The draft document has identified four strategic objectives and a proposed framework for action. The strategic objectives aim to:
  1. work together as a set,
  2. help to accelerate the digital health agenda in countries,
  3. address global issues,
  4. set the future direction for innovation and research.
The field of digital health involves a wide range of stakeholders from policy-makers to technology developers, healthy individuals and patients. The target audience for this consultation is all stakeholders in the digital health arena, who are welcome to submit their comments. Policy-makers and officials from governments and nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies, donors, health care professionals and their organizations, health managers, academic and research institutions, individuals, patients and their associations, ICT professionals and their associations and companies are invited to read the draft Strategy and then encouraged to contribute. Download the “Global Strategy on Digital Health 2020-2024”. Join the public consultation on the draft.