Withings expanding staff aggressively to keep up growth ehealth market

24 August 2016
The new employees will work at Withings European head office near Paris. Some 80 percent of the current workforce is deployed there already.  Another 15 percent Works from the US Office in Boston, while 5 percent works in Hong Kong.

Withings’ co-founder Cedric Hutchings told les Echos that thanks to the takeover by Nokia, the French ehealth company can now broaden its horizon in order to keep up with the fast growing ehealth market. The new staff will work in areas such as finance, sales, marketing and design.
Hutchings leads Nokia’s new ehealth division, founded last June after the completion of the takeover. This division builds upon the Withings portfolio, that encompasses fitness trackers, smart scales en blood pressure meters.

Recently Withings announced it will soon start selling its FDA approved smart thermometer Thermo, that measures temperature accurately within two seconds. Measurements are passed on to a mobile app by means of Bluetooth or WiFi. The app allows users to see how someone’s fever develops and gives advice on treatment.

Withings has a strong base in the US, where it realises half its yearly revenue, with another ten percent coming from the French home market. Withings was founded in 2008.