‘YO’ enables FDA aproved at-home sperm fertility test

January 21, 2017
At home testing becomes more and more conventional. Women, of course, have had access to at-home pregnancy tests for years. OraQuick detects HIV with an in-home HIV test. And MyLab Box makes it possible to test for STD’s at home. A new sperm testing device called YO now makes it possible for men to keep an eye on their reproductive health, without going to the doctor. The device should make medical testing easier and more accessible.

Mobile based testing

To use the test, men have to provide a sample of their sperm — without the use of lube, cream or their partner. The user then takes the provided liquefying powder and pours this into the sample. The sperm then has to rest for 10 minutes. In case waiting ten minutes is just too boring, the app provides a trivia game about sperm.

To actually test the sample, the user has to place the YO clip over the top of their mobile phone. With a little pipet, the user has to grab some of their sample. The pipet should be empties onto the slide, a rectangular shaped disk which acts like a microscope. The user can then put the slide face up into the YO clip.

After tapping ‘start’, YO will take a video of the sample. The test results are then shown in about two minutes. It is possible to get in-depth information about the results. The company claims that these results are 97% accurate. After using the test, it is necessary to clean both the YO clip and the phone.
The YO sperm test is FDA approved and releases at the end of January 2017.