Dayone health 4.0 accelerator announced 2023 finalists

November 7, 2023
Digital Health
With a six-month hybrid program, DayOne Health 4.0 – an international digital health accelerator – is focused on driving innovation in Artificial Intelligence, data, and digitally enhanced clinical development. The Accelerator's track record has successfully propelled 23 companies since 2018 – ventures that now boast a collective portfolio valuation that surpasses 80 million CHF.

Motivated teams behind eye-opening solutions

This year's 15 victors – pioneering startups at the forefront of healthcare innovation – offer disruptive solutions to tackle the most pressing challenges in today's healthcare and medical landscape. Following a two-month Phase 1, the top 5 will proceed to a four-month program with tailored support to prepare them for collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry. Here is the list of the finalists structured within four themes they are operating:
  • Better patients' identification, access, and enrollment: ai AG (Switzerland), Briya (Israel), epHealth (UK / Brazil), FindMeCure (UK / Bulgaria), InSilicoTrials (Italy)
  • Better endpoints (digital, imaging): machineMD (Switzerland), Risklick (Switzerland), AI in epilepsy and sleep (Switzerland)
  • Better patients' experience: Albus Health (UK), Avegen (UK), MicroX Labs Inc (USA), Stitch (UK), Presentient Technologies Ltd (UK)
  • Operational simplification: CliniNote (Poland), Docuply (Germany)
The focus of this year's cohort is revolutionizing clinical trials.

Without guidance, startups get easily lost

The winning teams came together for a two-day kick-off Bootcamp in Basel on September 11th and 12th, held at the Novartis campus, followed by the Intelligent Health AI conference. This was the first opportunity to meet fellow finalists, mentors, and experts in one location. The programme was packed with presentations by the mentors focused on storytelling, cooperation with Pharma Industry, and market access. Jeff Bateman, executive coach from LIVEsciences, shared insights on effectively helping people communicate complex messages. Communication requires using emotions, as it makes messages more persuasive and memorable. Startups working with pharma must differentiate themselves to stand out in a competitive landscape. Fabio Cavalieri, an audit expert and leader at Mazars, highlighted the significance of emotional connections when pitching to investors alongside analytical data. He listed differentiation in a crowded digitalization landscape, product development demands, and financial needs as critical challenges for scale-ups. But with proper mentoring, startups can find a way to distinguish themselves in a noisy ecosystem. This year, the accelerated startups will also be mentored by Agathe Acchiardo, a strategic foresight expert from Think Next, specializing in the future of health. During the kick-off event, Agatha discussed trends such as sustainability and patient-centricity, offering advice on improving pitch decks, communication, and product development for better alignment with the most relevant challenges on the market.

A digital health accelerator

DayOne Health Accelerator 4.0 is driven by the philosophy that each startup needs a highly personalized environment to grow and leap the gap between idea and implementation, prototype and scaling up on the market. It is dedicated to helping digital health ventures scale, providing personalized guidance, access to a broad network of industry experts, and an innovative workspace at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. To find out more, please visit us here.