Editorial board

Editorial Board:

To guarantee relevant information, all content are compiled in collaboration with international specialists that our editorial board consists of – government officials, innovation leaders, medical specialists, scientists, IT-specialists and also patients. ICT&health international is the only and leading platform in its field that combines views and experience from various stakeholders.

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  • Artur Olesch

    Online editor ICT&health international - Poland, Germany
  • Lucien Engelen

    CEO Transform.Health / Fellow Center for the Edge Deloitte - Netherlands
  • Jeroen Hendriks PhD

    Integrated Care Management in Cardiac Arrhythmias at University of Adelaide - Australia
  • Tanya Herfurth

    Founding Board Member of Young Leaders for Health, Co-Chair Global Health Hub - Germany
  • Daniel Kraft MD

    Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine - US
  • Tom Lawry

    National Director for Artificial Intelligence | Microsoft - US
  • Chenchao Liu

    CEO of SILREAL GMBH | Global Sharper World Economic Forum - GERMANY
  • Sunjoy Mathieu

    Founder & president of women in digital health - Switzerland
  • John Nosta

    President Nostalab, keynote speaker, innovative thinker - US
  • John Sharp

    Adjunct Faculty, Kent State University, Ohio, USA

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