Deel Academy

DEEL Academy strives to advance self-reliance and community engagement in people's housing. It forms a learning community comprising citizen initiatives, housing corporations, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions collaborating with businesses and the government. Scientists take a leading role in this, focusing on developing new knowledge and consolidating and translating insights from practical experiences (of citizens and stakeholders) into manageable products applicable within society. DEEL (Dutch Empathic Environment Livinglabs) adopts a multidisciplinary approach to human habitation, with specific attention to civil society and technology.

DEEL aims to inspire and share knowledge regarding human-centered and future-oriented utilization of social, spatial, and technological possibilities for a sustainable, healthy, and stimulating living environment. This includes new housing models, design principles, technologies, and methods for 'smart' living and rehabilitation, rooted in both theoretical and empirical foundations.

Only by collaborating, by SHARING, with quality as the cornerstone, can we address the challenges of Housing and Healthcare. As a member of the ICT&health Innovation Partner Group, we share our expertise and insights while exploring new collaborations.

Deel Academy
  • Ruitenberglaan 26, 6826 CC Arnhem
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